Welcome HCF Alums - join the chat now and let's check in!

Welcome HCF Alums - it’s DMA! Join the chat now and let’s check in! Be sure to RSVP for the 1st Korgi Connector on May 4!


@SHERRI_SNEED - hey, you! Welcome to the community!

@Mel_Randle - Melissa, it’s been a minute - welcome!

@Lawnya_Benton - hello, it’s a blast from our CTDI past!

@aceninja - glad to have you here in our new community!

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Thank you DMA, happy to be here!

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@Erika_Ellis Hey, welcome to the new community!

Hi, DMA! So, excited to be part of the GREAT HCF community!

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We’ve come a long way since that dinner!

And we’re happy to have you!

Morning to you, Stephan!

Hello DMA + All! Thank you for the invite. Excited to be here!

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Welcome to Korgi Connect! Excited to hear what you’re working towards next, and please RSVP to the upcoming Connector if you haven’t already!

Morning, all, and Happy Friday! I will be happily working this weekend. Here before my morning meeting if I can help move your needle forward today.

Thank you for the invite to the community.

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So glad you joined, thanks - I’m excited to continue connecting with everyone on our “virtual rooftop”

I’ve landed

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Welcome aboard!!

Hello, hello! Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to updates! Be well!

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