[POLL] Vote for the next round of events!

Which events top your list? We’ll prioritize our next round based on forum input!

  • Korgi Connector — online/IRL events with intros, socializing and structured networking
  • Let’s Get Reel — directors’ reel reviews
  • Pilot Light — analyzing the first 10 pages of hit pilots
  • Korgi Co — online co-working session
  • Q&DMA — bring your career and project questions
  • Startup Session — focused intensive for entrepreneurs
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Thank you!

Don’t know if you meant for the poll to display with the html code, but letting u know @DMA_Anderson
(Having fun exploring Korgi! :smiley: )

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Thanks! Hope you’re enjoying Korgi (have you build your first board?), and so happy to have added Korgi Connect.

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